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Dahua Security CCTV Mute Lock ASF601A

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Direction: don’t need to distinguish the door direction, left and right sides, both inside and outside the door, can be universal
Automatic close: unlock if you don’t open the door, delay lock automatically after 15 second
Without collision: close the door automatically locked without noise
Low power consumption: Power consumption is only equivalent to one 5 of the electric control lock
Service life of up to 350000 times
The lock and close the door when a voice prompt


Working voltage DC12V
Working current 20mA
Starting current 300mA
Applications Wooden door, metal door, fire door, etc
Life >100 W
Bolt length 22mm
Weight 1.25kg
Security type Keep state while power off
Working Environment
Working humidity 10%~95%RH
Working temperature -30°C~+60°C
Weight 3 kg