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Dahua 150W Solar Panel PFM371-150

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Four main grid battery piece: has a more uniform current collection capability, reduce current loss of internal battery board, and has a more beautiful appearance;
Efficient: the conversion efficiency of the battery is up to 17.2%;
Good weak light performance: use excellent surface texturing technology of the glass and battery piece;
Strong load capacity: through 2400Pa wind load and 5400Pa snow load certification.
Harsh environment adaptability: suitable for a variety of harsh environments, such as high altitude, high salt fog, high cold, etc.


Model DH-PFM371-150
Electrical parameter
Max. power(Pmax) 150Wp
Max. power point voltage(Vmp) 36.58V
Max. power point current(Imp) 4.10A
Open circuit voltage(Voc) 44.19V
Short circuit current (Isc) 4.62A
Efficiency of battery piece 17.2%
Max. power temperature coefficient -0.47%/ ºC
Temperature coefficient of open circuit voltage -0.38%/ ºC
Temperature coefficient of short circuit current 0.04%/ ºC
Working temperature -40ºC~+85ºC(-40℉~+140℉)
Structural parameter
Dimension of battery cells Polycrystalline silicon, 156mmx72mm(6.14”x2.83”)
Quantity of battery cells 72pcs(6*12)
Glass 3.2mm(0.13”). High permeability, low iron, tempered glass
Backsheet Triple-layer backsheet, white
Packaging material High permeability, EVA
Frame Anodic alumina
Junction box IP65, with diode
Connector MC4 compatible connector
Weight 12.0kg(26.46lb)
Dimension 1010mmx990mmx35mm(39.76”x38.98”x1.38”)
Cable length 900mm/4.0mm2
Max. mechanical load Wind pressure: 2400Pa; Snow pressure: 5400Pa
Weight 20 kg